MO 13 08 07 - FR 17 08 07

Workshop Andrey Smirnov (theremin/sensors)
Mo 13 08 07 | 16h - 22h
Tue 14 - Fr 17 08 07 | 11h - 17h

This intensive workshop offers a hands-on introduction to Theremin interactive systems, based on the sensor technology, developed by Andrei Smirnov for measuring and monitoring human motion, air and water flows, variations in the vibrations of light beams, temperature, different mechanical vibrations etc. The sensors are built on the same principle as the well-known electronic musical instrument theremin, created by Russian inventor Leon Theremin in 1919. During the workshop participants will develop and realize their ideas regarding all sorts of pickups, antennas and conductive medias which could be useful in producing different sorts of interactive audio/video installations, performances and motion capturing systems. Participant profile: Participants must have a solid knowledge of Max-MSP and PD You can use any other software, oriented on interactive systems development (Supercollider, Isadora etc) in case you are really skilled in it and can adjust it in advance to communicate with OSC or MIDI protocols. Requirements: Each participant should have a computer with an audio input and headphones. It could be useful to have as many mic stands as participants. All computers and software should be configured and checked in advance (!). Software The best choice is to work with MAX/MSP or PD software. It is also posible to work with any favorite software in case you know exactly how to control it via OSC or MIDI. In all cases control data will be provided via MAX/MSP runtime or PD patches from instructor's library. It is important to remember that in many cases the use of extra software will result in significant increase of latency and other possible timing problems. Minimal configuration 1. Laptop with with Pure Data(PD), Supercollider, MAX/MSP, Isadora or any other software, oriented on interactive systems development_2. One free USB port_3. Stereo audio input. Quality doesn't matter (For pc users: please, take care about audio configuration and check in advance that you really can get stereo line level input with your computer.)_4. Personal headphones To be as flexible as possible 1. Laptop with favorite software_2. Any optional stuff like web cameras, microphones, MIDI devices with appropriate drivers and interfaces etc_3. One free USB port_4. Sound card or internal audio with stereo input. Quality doesn't matter_5. Personal small mixer and headphones_6. Appropriate amount of power plugs_7. Audio cables to connect to the common mixer (2x jack/jack)_8. All kind of favorite devises and art making stuff

Workshop Marije Baalman (Create USB interface)
Tue 14 - Thu 16 08 07 | 19 - 22h

This workshop would be to build USB sensor/actuator interfaces, based on the Create USB interface. Day one: building the electronics (soldering, choosing and preparing the sensors) Day two: programming the device (simple C-programming; for this a Windows computer is needed, though nothing fancy: it needs at least one free USB port, and I would need to install some software on it) Day three: using it with other programs (anything the participant would like, as long as it can deal with input from HID, so pd, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, etc...). fourth day (seems not possible timewise) to cover the wireless transmission. This part is still a bit tricky and only for participants with some experience with electronics/programming.

Costs: EURO 70.- / 40.- for students and IMA members
Additional costs for materials (Create USB interface) EURO 40.- /90.-

Accommodation: we can arrange accommodation for about EURO 30.- single / EURO 35.- double including breakfast